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Cold Photographers
Posted by Mark | 28 Feburary 2018
Snow days, love them or hate them, they are a brilliant excuse to spend time with good friends and see how the world around us has been changed by nature.
Ramsay Teaching Event
Posted by Mark | 10 Feburary 2018
Recently I was asked to document a teaching event for Ramsay Health Care UK at Aldwalk Manor in North Yorkshire. It was a brilliant event where the speakers engaged the audience with the latest developments in the field.
Samyang E Mount 35mm AF Lens
Posted by Mark | 10 January 2018
Samyang are wizards, they are producing some incredible lenses, all of which I am a massive fan of. The main comment I hear from people is the fact that until now, the Samynag lenses were all manual focus. So, hello game changer. For me, manual or auto focus makes little difference. However, it is great to be able to shoot with a great prime lens and have a brilliant AF be able to perform so well.
Posted by Mark | 12 December 2017
Recently I was scouting several locations in Yorkshire, and ended up walking around Fountains Abbey outside of Ripon.
Posted by Mark | 12 December 2017
As part of my location scouting, I ended up at Brimham Rocks. Absolutely amazing natural feautre, even more amazing to walk through and be a part of it. The views are unlike anything, its almost being on an alien planet.
Posted by Mark | 22 November 2017
Headed over to Liverpool to catch up with a good friend and also tackle the Liverpool cityscape with very different lenses. Super wide angle vs. telephoto.
Posted by Mark | 15 November 2017
York is my home, have spent so much time photographing the people and places. The Minster is one of the defining structures of the city of York, and capturing its immense size and intricate detail is no easy feat. On this particular photography session, I ended up scouting for different and usual perspectives of York.
Posted by Mark | 12 November 2017
Another incredible lens from Samyang, manual focus, which is fine by me. Paired with the Sony cameras, they just seem to be a great combination at I feel gives higher quality results. Personally, I think lens is amazing and delivers superb build and optical quality. For the money, it is an absolute bargain.
Posted by Mark | 10 November 2017
Another scout around Yorkshire took me to Whitby and I ended up seeing the fantastic abbey. Whitby is a fantastic place for portraiture and architecture, there are so many different people and interesting stories associated with the town. If you have been, you know what I mean, if you haven't, keep your eyes peeled for Dracula should you end up going.
Posted by Mark | 30 September 2017
A visual feast and absolutely one of my favourite buildings in Manchester, has so much going on. The staff even do a photographers tour of the library that lets you go behind the scenes of the public areas and see just how much more of the ibrary there is. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys this building.
Posted by Mark | 5 September 2017
An early start saw me in Hebden Bridge for a commerical photoshoot of one of the most popular public houses in the village. The Shoulder of Mutton booked in for a 360 Virtual Tour and for a series of exterior/interior shots that they could use to enhance their profile online and use to create a google streetview listing that would help drive more business their way. They were a delight to work with and the results were great.